love, love baby

And I’m here sitting at the living room, alone, with my own memories and ideas about love. While I look out of the transparent window I’m also looking photography’s of the good old times. Memories come back, and I remember how I was. I was very different of other people at my age. I was a quiet and naive person, and the only thing I did was to smile like a stupid and did the things that other people said. Oh, baby, how could I be like that? If I had known all the things I know now, I would save many problems and many of my sleepless nights.
I take one of the photography’s and smile. I smile a long time. My first love. This love that I'll remember forever, because it was special, magnificent, happy and innocent. I has been the most innocent love! Yes, but now I have learnt, now all is different. I'm happy, and nobody can change my new "life style".

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littleprincess dijo...

Love, love, we only need LOVEEE!
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